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Lt. Maurice Wallich, Queen's Royal West Surreys

Nick Thornicroft

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Does anyone out there possess the book which lists the officer POWs of WW1?

The above individual led one of the first waves over the top on July 1st, 1916, & a newspaper report states: "....he was last seen firing his revolver into a German trench, standing on top of their parapet. One man near him said he was seen to fall, and nothing more has been heard...." He is not in the Casualty Roll, so I assume he was wounded but survived - possibly as a POW. If anyone could clarify this, it would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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From reading Wylly's Regimental History of the Queen's - the 6th Bat. spent the 1st July 1916 in intermediate trenches north west of Albert and only moved to the front line in relief of the Rifle Brigage. It shows Lt M G L Wallich as missing after their attack on the 3rd July 1916.

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Thanks very much for the extra info. This clears up the mix-up of dates, as the newspaper reported Wallich went missing on July 1st.


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30 minutes ago, AlWillRoseBeck said:

Thats my great granddad

Welcome to GWF

A bit more detail on POW is now more readily available = ICRC/CICR POW record https://grandeguerre.icrc.org/en/File/Details/205433/3/2 - Supports Missing since 3 July 1916


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Hi @AlWillRoseBeck and welcome to the forum.

The War Diaries for the Battalions of The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) have also been typed out and can be seen online. The July 1916 entry for the 6th Battalion can be found here http://www.queensroyalsurreys.org.uk/war_diaries/local/1_6Bn_Queens/1_6Bn_Queens_1916/1_6Bn_Queens_1916_07.shtml

That source doesn't usually include the appendices which may include a bit more detail about what was intended with the attack on the 3rd. Earlier enteries may also make it clearer which Company he was serving with and in what role - his International Commitee of the Red Cross record card says "B" Company but from the narrative in the War Diary it would appear he was not the original Company Commander.

The War Diary itself can currently be downloaded for free from the UK National Archive. You do have to sign in with your account, but if you don't have one, even that can be set up as part of placing your first order. Just click on "Sign in" and follow the instructions. The 6th Battalion War Diary that includes July 1916 can be found in the National Archive catalogue here:- https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7352689

Hope that helps,

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