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Clarify "Qualifying Date" for Victory Medal?

Guest dparsena

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Is the "Qualifying date" for the Victory medal on some of the medal index cards the date the soldier left English soil, the date they arried with their unit in the theatre of war, or some other date?

My great uncle's qualifying date was only five days before a major offensive (battle of Loos) that his unit particpated in, but as a replacement I don't know what the chances are he had actually arrived in the line to participate.

Dave Arsenault

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You would qualify for the VM irrespective of whether you served at the Front.

Presence in a unit in a theatre of war (of which France was one) would suffice.

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Eligibility for The Victory Medal is as follows:" Having been mobilised in any of the fighting services & having served in any of the theatres of operations or at sea between Midnight 4th/5th August 1914 & midnight 11th/12th November 1918 Women who served in any of the various organizations in a theatre of operations are eligible[such as Nurses,WRNS;WAACs;WRAF;Canteen Staff & many charitable organizations]."

The Victory Medal was not effectively a Campaign Medal rather it was a Commemorative Medal,unique in its designation as the Allied Victory Medal being sanctioned by the Allied Nations,en masse{albiet of varying National Designs},it was to commemorate the Victory & subsequently had no Qualification Date as such; the fact that a Person entered a Theatre of Operations between the prescribed Dates of 4th August 1914 & 12th November 1918 was enough,The Campaign Medal was the General Service Medal aka The British War Medal 1914~1920;which could be awarded Singly for those outside the AVM remit & also up to 1920 for Service in Russia & Mine Clearance in the North Sea until November 1919

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Dave, do you know which unit he served with?

Private Hamlet Bagguley (of Wigan, Lancs), 1st Bn, King's Liverpool regiment.

Qualified for the Victory medal Sept 20, 1915,

killed Sept 2, 1916 (Somme).

Listed on the Thiepval memorial to the missing.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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