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Talbot House and Churchills Enbalmer


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Today happened to be the 90th inauguration of Talbot House of Tubby Claytons Toc H at Poperinghe that did so much to help the soldiers.

I walked in and was amazed by the place the exhibition is OK but I was a bit exhibitioined out after three days on it

You shouldnt miss this out of places to visit though it is kind of eerie a huge bulk of the Forces having passed through the place Clayton was a REAL man of the people.

An old Welsh boy named Mack had been in Germany AOO 1945-49 He then set up his own funeral direction business In 1965 he got a call in the night

....Big job hush hush get yourself down here. And there was Winston ready for embalming

He rang his mother to tell her Guess who weve got down here-and its not in the news til the morning.

There was a long pause followed by

-That B"stard-Tell you something son Its fifty five years too late.....

His mothers back had been scarred for life from blow by a policemans baton when Churchill had brought in the Army to drive the striking miners back into their pits No matter who you are theres no pleasing everyone=the attitude in the town remains hostile to this day

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