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Remembered Today:

Officers (patients) Banavie 1919.


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I have found two lists of fellow patients amongst my grandfather’s papers, clearly made whilst recovering in various hospitals in 1919. I thought they might be of interest to members. I’m not sure whether they ought to be here under ‘Soldiers’ or in the ‘Home’ section. I hope I have managed to scan and post these correctly this time !

This one has 30 names on a ? leaving card dated 18th April 1919, at the Lochiel Auxilliary Hospital, Banavie. This was formerly the Lochiel Arms Hotel, which on 1st August 1917 became a Red Cross Hospital for Officers. I have not yet tried to identify any of these ones. /// is to me illegible, but some questionable readings are marked [?].

Wilfred J Lodge, Major The Royal Scots

//// Andrews Capt, RGA

W Arnot, Capt Cameron Highlanders

D. McLeod, Capt Northd Fusiliers

DF Nicol Capt. Tank Corps

AD Jameson Lt RFA

JA Millin Lt 4th Cameron Highlanders

A Cook Cadet 10th OCB

HH Brown 7th Seaforth Highrs

JB // Brown 4th SR

PA Conacher Capt GL

C Winton Lt 1st Guides Infy F.F.

AW Cochrane Capt RAMC

J //// McAlmond ii Lieut ////

// Goalen Lieut Royal Highlanders

R Leas/// Lieut RAF

RH Wilkinson Lieut MGC

Gus [?] L Stevens Lt RE

D Kerr, Lt Arg & Suthd Hrs

T Anderson Lt L. Corps

A S///// //// ///

James G L Christie, Lt A & S Hrs

John [?] Stanfield, Lieut MGC

H Kilner, Lt 4th E.L.R. [?]

/// Min//// 2/Lt RE

WM Stewart 2/Lt, K.O.R.L.

James John Reid, Lt GORDONS

T Mackintosh Cowrie Lieut Gordon Highrs & RAF

A McKie Reid Capt MGC

RW D///// Lt RFA


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