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Birr Cross Roads cemetery

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A relation of mine is buried in Birr Cross Roads Cemetery; the CWGC site suggests that it was near to more than one dressing station at the time he died (29th September 1917 - he was in the Tanks and I presume, having been through the War Diaries, was injured on the 26th.

Does anyone know which ADSs (I think even then it was too close to the front to have been the site for a CCS) were at Birr Cross Roads?


Andrew Bamji

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I shall have a look through what records I have to see if I can pin it down to a specific Field Ambulance that operated the ADS near Birr Cross Roads; the main one in operation before 31.7.17 was an underground one, which collapsed in the 1930s. This may have been the same one used in later operations. The nearest main ADS or MDS was close to the site of Menin Road South Cemetery. There was never any CCS at this location; a CCS covered at least a square mile of ground, and was normally several miles from the front.

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Guest bill hobsons

During that stage of third Ypres there were Australian Battalion Aid Posts and transfer points at Birr Cross Roads and a place called the Culvert. By searching the Australian War Memorial using Birr, Culvert, Hooge or Menin you will find pictures of casualties etc. Note particularly the conditions, and the presence of artillary dumps.

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Jacky Platteeuw

The one Paul is refering to was possibly 'Ecole de Bienfaisance,. The 69th Field Ambulace HQ was certainly in the school. Interesting sketches are known of the scheme of evacuation for Second Army offensive. They indicate I think from memory, have seen it, the Regimental Aid Posts, Bearer relay posts, Divisional Collecting Post, ADS (with certainly Birr Cross Roads). I don't recall where their main dressing station was but am almost certain that their CCS was at Godewaersvelde.


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1. More than 2 years already between Paul's and Bill's postings ? As if time stood still.

2. Birr Cross Roads Cem. may have been "next to a Dressing Station" indeed. For that's what Michael Scott "The Ypres Salient" (p. 15) writes. But I guess he took this from the CWGC register ?

3. There was a thread in which Ecole de Bienfaisance was discussed as a Dressing Station some time ago.


4. Jacky, of course your reply was faster than mine. You get up earlier than I do ! That's not fair !


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