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Martyn Gibson

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have been researching my Great Uncle Ernest Winney 2625. I have quite a few of his documents but missing the details of his part in France. (Transferred to 84 MGC Salonika).

Searching other recruits who joined the 3rd near his time I have gained some further knowledge. I assumed he joined too late to have been sent with the rest of the Battalion in February 1915. Which was fortunate as he missed the devastation to the 3rd  in the second battle of Ypres,having been sent to France in June 1915.

What puzzles me is to what would the likely circumstances have been for him not to have been sent in February? From what I can gather, recruits who joined up after him were actually sent in February.


Joined 13/10/14 2614 Archie Sharp sent to France 13/02/15


Joined 14/10/14 2623 Edwin Arthur Baker France 05/06/15

Joined 14/10/14 2625 Ernest Winney France 05/06/1915


2632 Jack Jenkins France 13/02/1915 KIA 08/05/1915

2636 Godfrey Morgan France 13/02/1915 KIA 02/05/1915

2637 Ernest Miles France 13/02/1915 KIA 02/05/1915

2646 George Henry Williams France 13/02/1915 KIA 02/05/1915


Joined 20/10/14 2672 Henry Compton France 05/06/1915

Joined 22/10/14 2690 Thomas Foy France 05/06/1915


Any suggestions would be helpful for me to record this part of his story.




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Steven Broomfield

Illness at the time a draft was being assembled? His specialism seems to have been MG section so maybe MG teams weren't needed? Maybe he was on leave. Maybe his standard of training was insufficiently advanced. I suspect there may have been a myriad of reasons.

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  • Admin

As noted, a myriad of reasons, when was he nineteen?

He could not go on active service overseas until after his nineteenth birthday.

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Thanks for the suggestions. He was 21 on the 07/02/1915, I have found that he and  two of the others (whose documents are available) who also went to France on the 05/06/1915 were all recorded as posted to 1/3 on 15/02/1915. 


What would the "posted" signify? Would it be that their training was complete at this date?


Thanks again



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  • Admin

It can only be speculation, but the entry "posted to the 1/3" on 15th February makes little sense as the 1/3, as you are aware, went to France the previous day.  It appears to be in the same hand on the couple of records I looked at and is either someone in the record office interpreting it as posted from the 1/3 on that date.


I'd suggest they were posted to the 2/3rd on that date. Pte Foy was in the 2/3 in May when he was first appointed a Lance Corporal.

Pte Winney had signed the Imperial Obligation on enlistment so no reason why he should not have gone with the main body of the 1/3 is apparent from the surviving records other than they had another task for him.


The only observation is that the second line or reserve battalion was originally intended to be at 50% of the original or first line. In early 1915 subject to certain conditions they were to be brought up to full strength for deployment overseas.  They would need a leavening of more experienced men from the first line especiallu if that was up to strength. Pte Foy for example had previous service in the Special Reserve.

As the original purpose of the second line was to provide reinforcement drafts the early losses of the 1/3 meant reinforcements were needed sooner than anticipated and naturally were taken from the 2/3.  I haven't looked to see how many were in the June draft.


Why Pte Winney was detailed not to go with the main body will, I fear remain unsolved.

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Thanks that would make sense, " posted from the 1/3". He was posted to the 1/1 and Ive found another soldier 2433 Sidney J Surrell who also went to France on the same date 05/06/1915 who also transferred to the 1/1, and he then also went to join the Machine Gun Corps. So I'm airing on the side of caution that it would be because of his Machine Gun training.


I'm very glad he did go later, another family member although distant 1177 Robert Vivian Winney 1/3 went to France on the 13/02/1915 and unfortunately killed on the 6th May.


Thanks for all your help, fitting in a few missing pieces.

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