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William Whymark Mercantile Marine


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Dear All

I would be grateful for any help regarding a relative who appears to be in the navy. I can see from the picture it looks like he has the BWM and the Mercantile Marine medal. Plus another below but I dont know what. His name is William Whymark.

So if anyone can help in identification of his rank or medals or service history I would be very gratefull.

Please see attached picture.

Many thanks



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I would concur with your guess of BWM and Mercantile Marine War Medal.

If he was in the Merchant Navy then details for him will be obtainable at the National Archives.

Three rings are traditionally the rank of a Chief Officer if a deck officer. Post Titanic Engineer Officers wore a purple strip either side of each 'gold' ring in recognition of the Engineer Officers of that vessel who remained at their posts to keep the lights on while the passengers abandoned ship. It is difficult if not impossible to ascertain from this photograph whether they are evident. Perhaps it may be clearer in the original? If he was an Engineer then this rank would be 'one down' from the Chief Engineer - the naming varies greatly between different companies, but could typically be a First or Second Engineer.



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Many thanks Steve

I shall have a closer look at the picture but I doubt it will be much clearer.

Would his service history be at the national archives and would the medal index cards show his medal entitlement?

Once again many thanks. :D


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Would his service history be at the national archives and would the medal index cards show his medal entitlement?

His Service Record with be @ the NA[PRO] His Medal index card will not be on the Online MiCs they are only for Army,RFC,some RAF & Women's/Civilian Recipients,His Service Record should confirm his,Discharge Book number,His Medal entitlement,as well a ships{& dates} served on etc;{Which, really, is more important,As a MiC would only confirm the issue of the BWM & MMWM & have little if any other information {similarly to BWM & Victory Pairs},which if you have him wearing the Ribbons, is confirmation enough.

The Medal below the WW1 Pair is I feel either the Queen Victoria Police Jubilee Medal of 1887[Golden] or 1897[Diamond] in Bronze,worn from a Blue Ribbon {There is a George Wymark,a Police Constable,in Brighton on the 1901 Census?}

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