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SGT Charles Webster, Gordon High. Rgmt., Peterhead

Guest Alexander Webster

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Guest Alexander Webster

My son and I are researching the military service of our paternal great grandfather / grandfather, respectively, during WWI. Charles Webster was a sergeant (three chevrons pointing down) with the Gordon Highland Regiment. He was born in 1894 in Peterhead, Scotland, and we believe his home unit was probably the 1/5th (Buchan and Formartin) Bn, 153rd Brigade (2nd Highland Division) out of Peterhead, Scotland. I recall grandpa mentioning that he did not arrive on the continent until 1916 (or maybe even later), which seems to comport with the conscription that took place that year. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated.

CH (COL) Alexander F. C. Webster, USAR

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I see you have reached the pinnacle of your Career, as a Private in the British Army :D

Do you have your Grandfathers Medals?They should show a Service Number and we may be able to confirm Battalion from this.If not have you looked for his Medal Index Card(MIC)(See separate thread) as this should give the same information.

Have you also looked at the "Parent Site" Army.You wil see Chris Baker(Founder and Sponsor of this Forum) has listed all Battalions of the British Army involved in the War and if you look at the Gordon Highlanders you will be able to chart the movements of the 5th Battalion.Assuming this was your Grandfather's Unit.

Lastly,although I appreciate logistics may prevent it,if you ever visit Aberdeen the Gordon Highlanders have a very comprehensive Museum.Peterhead is also worth a visit if if it is only to taste proper fish.


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I wouldn't be surprised if he was this soldier:


Webster, Charles

Gordon Highlanders 534/5 Serjeant

Gordon Highlanders 240039 Serjeant

The first number probably relates to his initial number on going overseas (to France, it would seem). He was a Territorial (similar to US National Guard), with number 534 which was his number within the 5th Battalion TF. The suffix most probably refers to his Battalion.

Later in the war (1-3-1917) the Territorial men were renumbered and given a 6-digit number.

The Gordon Highlander TF Battalions were issued with these numbers:

200001 240000 4 Gordon Highlanders Aberdeen (City)

240001 265000 5 Gordon Highlanders Aberdeen

265001 290000 6 Gordon Highlanders Aberdeen Also Banff CTA

290001 315000 7 Gordon Highlanders Aberdeen Also Kincardine CTA

315001 320000 Gordon Highlanders - Shetland Coys Zetland

As you can see the number above belongs to the 5th Battalion too.

Pretty encouraging, I think.

You can download the Medal Index Card from the link above. Cost is £3.50 Sterling.

It will provide you with extra info on what his medal entitlement was and some extra info about when he went to war and where.

Recommended further reading:

For tips on research (the MICs section will really help you if you download the card)


The Gordon Highlanders:


51st Division:


In February 1918 he would have transferred to 61st Division and then to 15th Division in June 1918 - Provided that he stayed with the battalion for the whole war.



Hope this helps,


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