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Just the official name of the Regiment, Steve.

Which stems from the regimental motto - Loyaute M'Oblige (My Loyalty Compels me). This motto is carried on into the present day QLR - Loyally I Serve.

They became simply "The Loyal Regiment (N.Lancashire)" in 1920 - an (almost) unique title (another "Loyal regiment" existed in the Indian Army).


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I just knew you'd have the full SP. I'd wondered if there had been something dating back to, perhaps, Civil War times. But, as often, the truth is much more straight forward.

BTW, the Museum & Archive @ Fulwood is currently closed. They are having a lift put in. Expected to be open at beginning of next month, when I shall be hammering on their door for my next research batch. Closed again in November for re-decoration, apparently.


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