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F.A.O. Aurel Sercu


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Hi Aurel.

I don't know if you've seen these (I sent you a scan from the same map, but a different location a while ago). It's from "Belgium Sheet 20 SW, ed.3A" ( 5/5/17) and shows German cemeteries in the area of Merckem and Kippe. The same map shows 7 cemeteries within and immediately surrounding Houthulst Forest, but I can't remember if I've already scanned that bit for you.



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Thanks !

But in the past weeks me and my magnifying glass have indeed had a close look at a dozen or two trench maps (mostly German, some British, and IIRC your map was among them too, or very similar)), and to my surpise discovered more than 20 German cemeteries in the Merkem - Houthulst area !

And the ones you marked are on my list too.

Glad you're thinking of me. (Apart from that little village between Dikkebus and Ypres local bus drivers pronounce in such a peculiar way ... ;)


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