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4th Lancs Fusiliers & 3rd Monmouthshire Regiment


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I have just discovered from my Grandfather's medal index card that he was a private in the 4th Lancashire Fusiliers and a Lance Corporal in the 3rd Monmouthshire Regiment.

He was from Tredegar in South Wales and signed up about a month before his 16th birthday approx October 1914. We know he went to Barry, South Wales for his initial training and that he went to France where he was wounded. We know he was in the front line and the trenches. He later sailed from Marseille to Egypt and was one of the first into Jerusalem after it's capture. We believe he was demobbed in 1919 and sailed from Alexandria home.

I have four questions which I hope someone out there can answer:

Why would a Welshman have joined the 4th Lancs Fusiliers?

When did the 4th Lancs Fusiliers go to France and where in France did they go?

What battle were the 4th Lancs Fusiliers in?

When and why would he have transferred to the 3rd Mons?

Any information on this would be gratefully received as he talked very little about the war himself and as we are currently in the process of doing the family tree we felt it only fitting to find out as much as possible about his service history.


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The 4th Lancashire Fusiliers never left the UK. They were a Reserve battalion. i.e. men enlisted into the battalion (in William Trace's case he may have been too young to go abroad), served in the UK and then were transferred to other battalions to go overseas.

Therefore the 4th NF did not fight in any battles.

He would then have tranferred to a different Lancs Fusiliers battalion (otherwise the Lancs Fusiliers would not have been on the MIC, as only Regiments in which men served overseas are noted)


He may well have been injured and transferred to the Monmouthshire Regiment on recovery, then later to ASC (perhaps after a second injury!)

Hope this helps,


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The 1/3rd Monmouths went to France in Feby 1914, and were disbanded in France in August 1916 - heavy losses meant that the three active battalions of the Monmouths could not be kept up to strength. As both 1/1st and 1/2nd Monmouths were in France, it is highly unlikely that your grand-dad would have been in Palestine with that regiment.

Have you any dates for any of this?


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Hi Sue,

I have a database on men who joined the 3rd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment but I don't find your Grandfathers name on there at the moment but I will certainly be chasing it up on my next visit to the NA.

Yes it is plausible that a Welshman joined the Lancashire Fusiliers, on my database I have a few Lancs who joined the Monmouthshire Regiment.

For your info I have sent you a potted history of the 3rd Battalion's war history I hope you find it interesting.

I would be very interested in any other info you may find on your grandfather that does relate to the Mons Regiment.



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