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MGWAT September


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As my entry for the August thread is taking its place, I`m putting up a new title, as I believe it`s my turn again... The title is;

Not leaving you behind!

I`m sure this`ll be a good month! Everybody to the work! ;)


Tuomas Koivurinne

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well, I know it's not what Landsturm meant by the title, but I immediately thought of a soldier sxxxxxg bricks and be ordered at gun point.....

Wheres last months poll??? :D


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Mine is finished, but the scan will have to wait until next weekend. How`s everyone else doing? Are there anymore eager atists online?? It`s been quiet for some time now...

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Not Leaving You Behind......

Took a bit of a slant on this one, as I really suck at drawing people, (or anything I suppose :rolleyes: )

well ......I tried B)


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