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The French in salonika

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I am currently trying to research a French casualty from 260eme Regt D`Infantrie. His name was Louis Baudin . Does anyone know if this unit fought in Salonika? I belive the 260eme were raised in the Vosges area of France, around the town of Besancon. I don`t know of many books in English that can help me with this project (although there is a superb history of the French army, "Paths of Glory" by Anthony Clayton for anyone interested .) I have some basic information from Louis` Medaille Militaire citation. He died on 1st November 1916 having been recommended for his MM on 14/15 th October 1916.If anyone could point me in the right direction or provide any information about the french in Salonika I`d be very grateful.


Jim Walton

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You could try the following contact:-

Mademoiselle Anne-Marie Tranie

Secretary General

Poilus D'Orients et Anciens Combattants

30 Rue Fremicourt

75015 Paris


This Association is for French veterans and descendants of the Salonika Campaign. If possible write in French as Mademoisells Tranie has very little English. However, she could probably pass a letter on to an English speaker if needs be.


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A fellow Pal alerted us to an excellent free online translator called Reverso. Try clicking


and simply type whatever you wish to say in English and click the English to French button. A translation soon appears on your screen.

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