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Restoring a German Stick Grenade


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Well my grenade is finally here and it doesn't loo too bad for something that's spent 60 years in a less than hospitable environment. A second bag of bits is also here with a porcelain ball and screww cap so...

The wood is dry and stablised but has some cracks. I plan to fill, sand and re-stain this. Can anyone suggest some suitable products for this?

The head is attached but loose. Should this screw or pull off?

The head itself has some pitting but not too much. I plan to smooth this out with filler so can anyone again suggest a suitable product?

Finally, painting... depending on the sucess of the above can someone tell me what paint to use to get the original color back on? Any markings etc. for a Somme-found 1916 version would also be appreciated.

... and yes I know I could buy a mint example and spare myself the hassle but what can I say? It's Airfix kits for Dads!

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Hello McDerms

I can't help with the "nuts and bolts" of the restoration as such, but this may be of interest:

1) The head of the grenade should screw off.

2) The model of stick grenade you have is probably the M1917 variety, with the slightly smaller grenade head (see the photo below) and the srew-off base cap which conceals a porcelin button.

There are actually many different variations of this type of grenade -earlier ones featured larger heads with clamped tops, handles with rounded bottoms and ignitors which comprised a pull string taped to the side of the grenade handle.

3) Paint and markings -the photo of a grenade in my collection below shows what the paint is like after 90 years of ageing. I think originally it would have had a paler green/grey shade it to.

On earlier stick grenades the instructions were in the form of a label (sometimes red text on a black background) attached to the grenade head. On later ones like the one illustrated the instructions were stencilled in white paint. Mine reads "VOR GEBRAUCH SPRENGKAPSEL EINSETZEN" (Before use insert detonator) followed by the maker's initials of "G.R.G".

There are some really knowledgeable grenade collectors on the forum who frequently post here, so they might be able to add to this or give better advice.

I hope this is of some help and interest -good luck with your project, and if possible post some shots of the finished artical.

All the best



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You recently posted a question:


To which I replied to offer some assistance.

I am afraid your total lack of reply was the latest example of similar situations prompting me to start this:


All the bits you required I saw at Beltring and would have been happy to pick up for you if only you had let me know!

Sorry, call me a moany old git but if people cannot even be bothered to reply to help and offers why should we take the time to help again?

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Sorry Giles but at the risk of making you feel really bad about your last post, I have had a lot of familiy and personal matters to attend to hence the large drop in my regular postings. As you can see from the above, I managed to get the bits for the german stick and have taken your advice to purchase a complete egg.

If you are able to helf with a std mk16 1916 mills inner, I'd be grateful but please be warned that I might not be able to reply right away as hospital visits are limiting my use of the web.



... and yes, it used to get me when offers of help went unanswered as well but hey, life's just too short.

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