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Artillery Units in India 1916


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I posted this on the old, old forum some time ago, and unfortunately lost the replies, so i'm hoping the kind individuals that helped me then might consent to do so again.

I am interested in any or all artillery units that served in India (especially Lahore) during late 1916 and early 1917. My great-grandfather Driver Sidney James Lee, was definity at Lahore Dec 1916.

While back paid a researcher to go to the PRO, without much luck, so any suggestions would be welcome.


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The only RA units stationed in Lahore proper were the 1st and 2nd Sussex Bty's which left in Dec 16 to be replaced by the 79th Bty RFA. The 73rd Coy RGA was also at Lahore in this time period.

There were other RA units in the Divisional area at the time but in out lying districts. The 1st (Sussex) moved to Multan, 3rd (Sussex) at Dehli, 4th (Sussex) at Ferozepore and 5th (Sussex) at Ambala.

So any of these RA units could be a choice. Either from a unit stationed in Lahore or on leave from one of the other units.

Joe Sweeney

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