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I wish to renew my Legion membership. I am ex forces and my house is in Ypres. I have visited the Ypres branch on occasion but it seems to be a very hit and miss affair. The Somme branch has been recommended to me and I am wondering if we have any forum pals as members, or can anyone advise please? Paul Reed, I think you live nearby or may be able to help! Thankyou, Chris,

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Hi Chris,

I am in the Ypres Branch of the Legion. Its not as hit and miss as it may seem. We meet at St Georges Church hall either the third Tuesday or Thursday of every month. Our next meeting is next Thursday at 1900 hrs. Our legion branch is small, and lacks "Young Blood" but I dont think this is typical of only the Ypres Branch, it seems to effect the legion as a whole these days.

As for the Somme branch, I did hear there was an ex Guardsman in the area who was either planning or had already set up a Somme branch. I dont know of any further details mate.

Best regards


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Hi Iain, hope al is well on the work front? How is the flat in plumerlaan going? The time seems to fly by. I have managed to track down the Somme branch and you are quite right, an ex guardsman is the chairman and membership fee has been sent. This is not to say I will not see you or venture into the Ypres branch, go on, twist my arm! I think me and Milena will travel down to the Somme for July 1st, it,s a must do thing! Was at Patricks and Fannies the other week, it is nice to see a friendly group of ex pats forming up there! I noticed Jacky was there too, along with many flemish locals, very refreshing, cant stand a Brits only scene! ( No offence Brits ) it,s a learnt thing I,m afraid! The building work on our house is about to start hopefully! What you like with a teapot,ha! See you soon, Chris and Milena.

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