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62 coy in Aden

niall mallon

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Hi having gotten a researcher to look for my Grandfathers records of ww1 he came back with two lines no records, but he served with 62 coy in Aden, no dates, no information, what I would love to know is when 62 Coy served in Aden, and was a campaign medal issued for it, he only has one medal the British war Medal.

My grandfather was a Gunner in Royal Garrison Artillary :( also his mother was supposed to have bought him out at some stage but he reinlisted, would that mean two sets of records, or two numbers he only has on number on medal card.

Thank you in advance for any help

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Hello Niall, welcome to the Forum

62nd Company RGA was indeed in Aden in November 1918. If your grandfather went straight to it from England and stayed with it, he would have qualified only for the BWM.

I'm not sure when the Company went to Aden, but this could be tracked down and I'm sure some of our resident artillery experts know it already.

I am curious to know how your researcher could possibly have determined this without finding his service record. The regimental number is unlikely to be a good indicator of it, and the medal roll does not usually say.

As for his mum buying him out - very, very unlikely. How old was he? If he enlisted under age he could have been found out (maybe hismum told them), and discharged.

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Thanks Chris for that information. My researcher did not say where he got info only that R G A were stationed as garrison troops in Aden during War no dates given. as regards his records he went in very young about 17 he was in the war and served until 1922 he was in Ireland around 1920 because that is when he married my Grandmother his occupation is listed as Soldier and still listed as soldier in 1921 when his son was born were 62 coy ever in Ireland

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