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Commission Certificates


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I`ve always thought I`d like to own a Commission Certificate but know little about them. Did all officers get them, including "Temporary Gentlemen"? Does one have to beware repro versions? What`s the price range? Anybody know? :unsure: Phil B

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My father was issued commission papers signed by King George V along with his seal in September 1914. Its size is 16" X 20". I naturally still have it. Its value I've no idea. Whether this was standard practice or not to issue them to all commissioned officers, I dont know.

Montague Chapin :(

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I would have thought that anyone who was commissioned would have commission papers (that being the commission, if you get my drift).

I do know that not all of them by any means were signed personally by the monarch (very large numbers being facsimile signatures) so therefore there must be a large variance in price between those with original signatures and those that are not.


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Even "Temporary" Gentlemen received them,The Commission document being stamped "Temporary" in Script,with a rubber stamp,they not all however actually received them until later,I have one to an RASC Captain that appears to have followed him about post war France & England;for around six months by the Franking & Re~addressing on the OHMS Envelope!! ;)

They are printed on quality thick paper,almost card,with an embossed "Royal Seal",Earlier ones are on linen re~inforced paper{ie Laminated}even earlier versions are on Vellum{ie Calf Skin}

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