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RFA regiments in Mesopotamia


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I'm trying to understand brigades, regiments & batteries!! I've discovered that my great uncle enlisted in Guildford, served with the RFA 63rd bty which I believe was part of the 10th brigade at Kut. He died on 28th August 1916 and is buried in the Baghdad north gate cemetary. Can anyone tell me what regiment he belonged to from this? Somewhere I read that batteries were A,B & C so where does 63rd come in? I've got his service number so is there anyway of finding out where he died as I believe the war graves at Baghdad has soldiers from several areas.

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The 'regiments' of the Royal Artillery (as they were known in WW2 and since) were called 'brigades' in WW1, so in effect you already have his 'regiment'. While many batteries within a brigade were designated A, B, C, many (especially in the Regular Army) were given numbers instead. Individual RFA brigades (and very occasionally individual batteries as well) kept war diaries, and a quick look at the PRO website shows that both 10 Bde's 63 Bty's diaries are there, and the reference for both is WO95/5117. The brigade was attached to the 6th Indian Division. The diary dates only go up to Oct 1915, so may not be of help to find out where your great-uncle died.

You could also of course try to find his service record in the PRO, which might give an indication where he died.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Munce,

that IS very helpful. As you have probably guessed I'm a new boy at this and find it very confusing. Now that I've got a fair bit of detail I will have to visit the PRO.

From the fact that you say the diaries only go up to Oct 1915 and detail from the excellent site at www.stephen-stafford I am rather fearful that my great uncle was taken prisoner at Kut. Hopefully a trip to Kew will solve the mystery.

Many thanks for your info


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