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ASC Soldiers Awarded Belg Medals


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G'day All

I have been researching an Aussie Officer ( Lt Henry John Beaton ) who was awarded a Belgium Croix Civique 2nd Class during WWI. A Belgium gentleman (Hendriks Medal Corner http://users.skynet.be/hendrik/hall/Hal-beaton.html ) has been helping me over the last 4 / 5 years and we can not find out why Lt Beaton was awarded the above Cross. Hendrik did send me a copy of the Belgium equivilant of the L.G. which was dated 14-20 Juli 1918, and in it was the announcement of Beatons Cross and also the Medal 1st Class to 2 British Sgts.(G Bunker & D Walsh).

I ve done the L.G. site and found the following

Supp to LG 8th March 1920, Medaille Civique, 2nd Class

A/386636/1819 Private (acting Sergeant) William George BUNKER, R A S C (Mortlake)

A257397 Private (acting Sergeant) Daniel WALSH, R A S C (Crofton Park)

Also listed a Canadian Sgt.

Beatons Croix Civique has not been gazetted but it is in his service papers as awarded & the group came with the Belgium Certificate.

Are there any RASC collectors / experts who can tell me anything of the above two Sgts and if there are citations for their awards. I m hoping that their citations will help me. Failing that, is there a Regt Museum for the RASC that may be able to help.

Thanking you in anticipation


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One of our Pals, Dick Flory, is an expert on RA personalities and a personal message to him might be rewarding in respect of Beaton

If you wish to pursue the ASC line then you will find the museum of their successor corps here http://www.army.mod.uk/rlc/museum/index.htm

The two ‘Medaille Civique, 2nd Class’ which you mention, were the only two awarded to the ASC, so if there is any info available on them then it should be traceable

The medals are mentioned in Col Michael Young’s ‘ASC 1902-1918’ Annex S, but there is no ref to the individuals concerned or to the action for which they were awarded.


Michael D.R.

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