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Remembered Today:

Finally..photos of the dug badges

182 CEF

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Guys check out this website


There are photos listed under "Dean asked me to post these interesting items.


I have added a answer explaining the photos..it's a bit father down in the same thread. Smallwoods Medal is in one of the cases..It appears that for some reason Smallwood enameled his Medal..after years in the ground the enamel ate through much of the detail..I have taken the Medal to several people to find the number..but it is totally gone..perhaps it's lost..but HE will not be forgotten..in a way he represents all the "Smallwoods" I told the story of this Medal hundereds of time over the weekend..the reaction of those listening was interesting..for non-collectors they expressed their sadness that the owner cannot be100% ID'd..some suggested he is a kind of Unknown..and were happy that some people cared enough to try to find out all they could about Smallwood. I mentioned this forum and explained that I had several people try to help out all they could and were ready to do more if I found more at least some of the numbers..if they were surprised that someone would send me such a find free of charge, they were just as surprised that there are those that I have never met trying to help me solve the puzzle..they had not idae there were people like you guys around, that care so much, and are willing to help out "free of charge"...We opened the eyes of many who did not know that there are those still around that care this much..This info brought tears to the eyes of some of the Many Vets we had come through as well as some who had Fathers that Served in WW1 and WW2.

You all deserve a big "pat on the back" you restored the Faith in many that thought that now adays it's just show and tell..instead of people coming together to preserve the past.

Sorry for being so long winded

Dean Owen

Whitby Ontario Canada

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