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Bronze Medal for Military Valour


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My researchee, a CSM with the King's Own Royal Lancasters, is recorded by CWGC has holding the above medal.

Can any of our medal experts advise if this is one of the "foreign" medals that were scattered about British battalions or is my man likely to have done something specific in the Italian campaign to have particularly earned it.


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Hello John

It was a lower level Italian award for bravery.

Most likely the guy was serving alongside/in close proximity to Italian forces - could have been with British troops serving on Italian Front.

Difficult to tell if an individual award for merit if no Gazette entry; lacking an equivalent UK award or MiD this would seem likely; a certain number could have "come up with the rations" for issue to select individuals as decided upon by his own superiors.

Here is a link giving a more in depth analysis:




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Thanks Richard.

As far as I know, my man got nowt else, so I assume it's probably one dished out with the rations as you suggest.

Better than the Transylvanian Pink Star, though.


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I am wondering John,have you/your researcher checked the London Gazette for your CSM's Al Valore Militaire',it is quite probable that he was gazetted for his award & contrary to popular belief Foreign Awards in British Groups are not common,a peruse of any good Divisional or Regimental History,that gives Decorations,Medals & Awards,will usually only show a handful of such awards,often only one or two per Battalion,It is possible that the award was for some act in conjunction with Italian Forces,but equally as feasible that he was awarded an "inter~alia" award,each Division/Brigade being alloted a certain number of Allied Awards for a particular Action,to be awarded,as lesser awards,for suitable acts of distinction or gallantry,that perhaps didnt necessarilly warrant an MM or DCM,etc.

Conversely the Al Valore Militaire~A Medal was of a higher status than the Croce de Guerra {The War Cross},whereas in most cases a "Cross" was of higher status than a "Medal"!

Here's hoping you can solve the mystery ;)

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