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Does anybody have stories of servicemen who had other claims to fame. I found one Pte E.S.Vincer 23rd Royal Fusiliers who was a marine engineer and was in 1920 the only Englishman of modern times who has been put in a bullring in Spain and killed his bull in open fight. This was at Carthagena in 1912. Regards Steve.

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One local I did a little research on is Private Antliff Burton of the Oxfordshire Hussars. He was the British Schoolboy Weightlifting Champion in his weight category. He was the first in his age classification to lift 150 lbs (I think that's about ten & a half stone). He died on the 28th March 1917 age 18 of Cerebrospinal Meningitis. He'd been in the army for about a month.

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My 15 minutes (several hours actually) was in November 2002 when the BBC rang me to say that there had been an aircrash down the road from my office and I was on the air in 30 minutes with all programmes interrupted!

I don't work for them,but I was on a programme a few years before so I was in the database as a local contact.

I made it with 3 minutes to spare and spent the next few hours talking live on just about every BBC channel.

Shattering experience, especially as I was the onlyperson to get there before they closed the roads (the crash was on the main road) and so had a complete exclusive. The rest of the press was penned in a nearby village until long after I had finished and gone home.

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I think I mentioned this fellow before but I have the war and victory medal pair to Lorne Chabot, who enlisted in the Canadian Field Artillery underage (16), served in France, and when he returned to Canada joined the Mounted Police, serving for about three years. He was an exceptional athlete, and in 1926 he was signed to play for the New York Rangers of the National Hockey League. With them he won the Stanley Cup in 1928 (league champions); was later traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs and won another league championship in 1932; was awarded the Vezina Trophy in 1934 as the outstanding goaltender in the league; and is generally considered to be one of the great goalies in NHL history. He was on the cover of TIME magazine in 1935.


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