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Hull Battery - East Africa


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I think it is Drake that is interested in this unit, but not 100% sure. Anyway came across this pic (soory about quality) when i was browsing through the Hull Times.

Caption names: Back Row: Gnr Hunter (Hedon); Gnr Roydhouse (Keyingham); Gnr Clarkson (Preston); Gnr Hornby (Hull); Bdr Frost (Hull)

Sitting: Gnr Stamper (Hull); Roper (Hull); Jebson (Hull)

Maybe of interest.



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Chris, Sincerest thanks for your observation and for posting this, were these in Grimsby or Hull archive?? Below is part of the info I have on these chaps.


Clarkson Charles Gunner 274 290264

Hunter Fred Gunner 289 290278

Hornby Robert Gunner 187 290178

(brother John Hornby also served in this battery)

Frost Arthur Sergeant 177 290168

Jebson Charles H. Gunner 92 290087

Roper Henry A. Gunner 171 290163

Stamper Cyril Gunner 186 290177

Roydhouse Harrison Gunner 230 290221

Killed in Action France & Flanders 26/4/1918 with North Riding Hvy Bty. Buried WESTOUTRE BRITISH CEMETERY

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Looks like all of the photos were taken at the same time and place. Th place is Kilindini Imperial Detail Camp between February and April 1916.

Photographed are NCOs Fewster, Downs, Wainwright, Blands, Robertson and an unidentified chap (Haslin??)

There may be more of this series of pictures somewhere.


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The man described as Gunner Yate in Josephs picture :

Yates John G.W. Gunner 211 290202

That accounts for all but one in the pictures so far.


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  • 9 years later...

Hello, I have just come across this forum and it seems my great granddad Charles H Jebson was the chap listed. I have tried to open the images but nothing happens, could somebody help please.

Thanks, MJ.

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