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Remembered Today:

Strange item on eBay

Terry Carter

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Very strange. :huh:

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Hi again,

The person auctioning the item is most probably right. The coins were in a soldiers pocket and saved his life when hit by a bullet and then kept as a prize possession for the rest of his days. Unless someone out there knows different ........


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It seems such a shame that the story behind this item has been lost over the years.


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Funny item. The date engraving doesn't look "right" to me. The Edward VII penny in the centre looks very worn for a coin that would only have been between 6 and 14 years old in 1916. The ebay seller has also received 50+ positive feedback scores in the last month (of a total of 60 odd). What a busy chap.

Yes , 15.09.16 does have those tank connections but says to me " 1st July 1916 isn't really on, let's think of another interesting date that the afficianados will know".

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