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A walk in the english country side


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Last saturday i friend and i decided after much research into the zepplins october and september in 1916. Starting at the first bomb to hit my home town in edmonton and finishing in the cemetary where the september Zepplin men were buried. Even following the procesion of the funral.

My friend who in more into geniolgy than anything we have managed to pin point each of the bomb sites and even in some cases the peple who lived there at the time.

The funny thing is being a scout leader we have walk past one spot sevrasl times which is infact one of the bomb holes in a place called glasgow stud. Which also we had managed to research all the staff who worked on the site. As they lost sevral horses when one building caught fire which the building still stands today after talking to todays owner who were a little intrested.

The bodies of mathys crew were moved with the rest of the German war dead in Brtian But the thanks to my mate the plot is still there. With some ww2 memorial now sit today. We also visited the crash site and the spot where the police held a parade at the police station . Also the spot where a rotten egg was thorwn at one of the lorries carrying the dead after the 40 year old women from King cross who had lost family in a previous raid.

Hope this aint bored you but i fought i would write this down

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Trench walker,

as an 'Edmonton boy' myself (now exiled to Hertford) I would love to know more about what you have discovered and the locations etc if you have the time to post it.

I have always been interested in the Zepplins over 'Norf London' as my dear old Mum was born the night one apparently passed over our road before being shot down in Essex (24th Sept 1916)

Funnily enough this had always been a source of arguement between me and my Uncle (sadly now deceased) who always claimed my Mum was born the night the Cuffley Zep was shot down which was shortly before the 24th, he would not admit he was wrong even when i tried to win my argument by showing him books/articles etc (very stuborn these people from Edmonton you know)

I look forward to reading more about your adventures when you get a chance,

Regards and 'Up the Spurs'


(Cockney Tone)

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