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R. J. S. Thorpe-Tracey

Tim Godden

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Hi there,

I think this man served with the 6th battalion but am not sure. I wonder if anyone can help. Does anyone have the regimental/battalion diary?

He was a Private, then Lance Corporal and finally was commisioned as a 2nd Lt. as which I believe he served in the battle of Loos.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Tim. I came across several entries in the London Gazette which should help.

Issue 29608, 3rd June 1916, link to Issue.

Military Medal

2723 L./C. (Actg. Cpl.) R. J. S. Thorpe-Tracey, 6th Bn., Lond. R. (T.F.).

Issue 30630, 15th April 1918, link to Issue.


The undermentioned, from Officer Cadet Units, to be 2nd Lts.: —

27th March 1918

Lond. R.—Reginald John Stanley Thorpe-Tracey, M.M.

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Hi Chris,

That is him, thanks very much for your help. I did not even think to look on the gazettes site. :blink:



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