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Remembered Today:

Sgt frederick Padgett Queen's Royal West Surrey


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This soldier's name appears on my local war memorial where he is listed, as PADGETT. He also appears in SDGW listed as PADGET, but he does not appear on CWGC either as PADGETT, PADGET, PAGGET, PAGGETT, PADJET, PADJETT, PAJETT, OR PAJET.

SDGW list him as killed in action 29 July 1918 in France & Flanders but nothing more specific.

If anyone has any more information as to where he was killed, where he is buried/commemorated, and why he is not on CWGC, I would appreciate it if you would let me know.

Many thanks


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Garth, if you allow for the one-day discrepancy in the date of death, and the one-digit difference in the numbers, I think this is him.

I think they have miss-spelled his surname - note the surname of his father:


Initials: F C

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Serjeant

Regiment: The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment)

Unit Text: 2nd/4th Bn.

Date of Death: 01/08/1918

Service No: 206634

Additional information: Son of Mr. J. Padgett, of The Moore, Littleport, Cambs.

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: IIIA. C. 9.



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Given Garths location I would be surprised if this is not him.


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Brilliant :D I would never have tried that variation on his name. Now I can try and get his number from his MIC just to tidy things up. It is by no means certain that the number I have is the correct one.

Anyway thanks for finding him for me.


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I have a copy of the history of the 2/4th which is short and a little sketchy but here goes;-

They moved to Coyolles (Aisne) on the 19th of July leaving in a heavy thunderstorm on the 21st. Next day found them at Villers-Helon, beyond the Foret de Retz; the Queens and the 2nd Loyal North Lancs were engaged under heavy machine gun fire which at the outset severly hindered the Lancashires, but a party of the Queens with Lt Lessels leading, advanced upon the Coutre-main Tigny road and was heavily counter attacked.

On the 29th of July 1918 the Queens were again called upon to attack;together with the Royal Sussex and forced their way up the slopes noth of Beugneaux Woods while the French took Grand Rozoy village. Counter attacks forced the French back and the whole line was consolodated to conform. There was continued fighting over the next two days and on the 1st of August the division was successful.

This seems to cover the period when your man was killed, but not knowing the area myself it doesn't mean very much to me. No doubt someone else can shed a little more light on it. Hambo

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