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Joe Walsh

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Here is a mic above the "entry there in" it has a load of letters and numbers. Dose anyone no what this is?

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No MIC shown.


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The "Entry Therein" means the date at which the soldier first entered the Theatre of War.

The "Code" in the box above, is the reference to the specific Theatre of War.


1= France

2= Balkans

2b= Dardanelles (Gallipoli)

etc, etc.

What code has your card got Joe?


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Sorry there is no date of entry therein and i dont know how to add the mic to the post


The MIC has to be in .jpg format.

Open it up in a suitable photo/paint program and "Save as" a jpg.

Make sure it's 200Kb or less (forum rules).

Then add attachment to your post.


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Does the MIC show an entitlement to a 1914 or 1914-15 Star?

If not then it is unlikely that the MIC will state a date of entry to a theatre of war.

The numbers above that box will probably be next to the boxes marked Victory and BWM. These numbers are the References to the Medal rolls. These are large book held at Kew which may have extra details about the soldiers assignments to Battalions, etc.

If you have downloaded a group of 6 MICs then this is what to do to upload it:

Open the PDF in Acrobat Reader. Click on the select tool and select the MIC in question by clicking on a corner of the MIC and holding down the mouse button and dragging a box around the MIC.

Then click on the Edit menu at the top and click Copy.

Now open a Paint or Photo program. Since Paint comes with most PCs that will work...

In Paint: Click Edit and Paste. This should Paste the MIC image into the Paint program.

From the Image menu at the top select Stretch/Skew. Change the 100%s in the top 2 boxes to 80% and click OK.

Save the image as a jpeg. You'll need to use the drop down menu at the bottom of the Save box to select Jpeg (BMP format is too big)

Now click on add reply on this page.

At the bottom of the new page there will be a box with Browse next to it. Click Browse and find the file you just saved. Click OK to select.

Then click on Add this attachment.

Click on submit post.

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