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Mirrlees, RA

Guest Ben Jones

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I am trying to find out more about WHB Mirrlees who was commissioned in the Royal Artillary in 1912, fought through both World Warrs and retired as Major General Royal Indian artilary in 1950.

I know he fought at Le Cateau but if anyone has any pointers I would be interested.

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The following is the entry for WHB Mirrlees in "The Marlborough College Register 1843-1933" which gives some early backround.


Son of W.J.Mirrlees (Natal)

Marlborough College 1907-11


Hockey XI 1910 & 1911 (Captain)

Rugby XV 1910

Joined RA 1912 Captain 1916 Major 1931

MC 1918 and Legion of Honour

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Bob & Simon

His family owned Mirlees Blackstone from Glasgow where I belive the pumps come from. His father also worked with Otto Diesel to make the engines that ended up inthe Mk 1 tanks!

He does appear in the MacDonald Books and I have Rory McClouds telegram to Mirrlees family with an added description of the battle. This was about my first contact with him and sparked my interest.

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Thanks for that info Ben.It is a very small world really.

Mirrlees pumps are now owned by a large US corporation and recently all pump production was moved to Glasgow,although i am not sure if it is to the original factory.

They were owned,i believe,by Plenty Limted and this company was active during WW1 and WW2,producing engines,pumps and filters for the war effort.

Plenty also supplied engines for some of the first submarines built in the late 19th century.

Good hunting.


Simon Furnell.

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The 1947 Edition of Whitakers Almanac lists 204 Maj-Generals in the British Army with WHB Mirrlees CB DSO MC as 82nd in order of seniority. The 204 does not include a further 61 in the Indian Army and 7 T.A.

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Reay appears to be a Scottish nickname for William. The family lived in Cambridge for a while but Reay went to the Orphanage school in Aberlour before going on to Marlborough.

He was involved in the Curagh incident in Ireland circa 1911-1912. Does anyone know much about this?

His service at Le Cateau was mentioned in a number of local papers at the time and there are various letters ref McClouds injuries and congrats from various well wishers to his mother.

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For brief outline of the Curragh Incident see www.bbc.co.uk/war/easterrising/prelude

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