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Could some one of this shell hear fuse for me


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I have these two shell heads they seem both the same size though one on left has a much bigger fuse diameter that screws into a much bigger thread 

I’d like to know why this is 







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18 Pounder shrapnel shell on the left and an 18 Pounder HE shell on the right. The shrapnel shell has a No.80 time and percussion fuze and the HE shell has a No.101 percussion fuze.

Both the No.80 fuze and the No.101 fuze have the same thread. The No.80 requires an additional adaptor ring to screw into the wider neck of the shrapnel shell. Both the fuze and the adaptor ring blow off in one piece when the shell detonates.

As it is dual use, you could use the No.80 fuze on the HE shell without the adaptor ring: in time mode for an air burst and percussion mode for ground fire.

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Thank you for explaining that so clearly to me I understand it now 

have a good Sunday evening and thank you again 


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