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Marimbois Farm

Christina Holstein

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Can any Pals suggest where I would find information about the former German airfield at Marimbois Farm. It is in the St. Mihiel Salient, about half way between St. Benoit -en-Woevre and Damvitoux.

I'm doing some research on behalf of an American family whose grandfather was decorated for his actions with the AEF at the farm at the beginning of Nov. 1918. I'm trying to find out all I can about the farm and any installations in the area.

Any help - information or photos - very gratefully received.


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A short overview of Marimbois Farm operations from "The United States Army in Europe.World War 1" CD.

This farm was in German hands at the close of the St Michiel offensive.From September 16 1918 onwards,patrols of the 42 Division and later of the 89th and 28th Divisions frequently clashed with the enemy there.It was occupied by the 28th Division on November 9 1918 who held it up to Armstice 2 days later.The AEF final front line is shown running roughly NW-SE at the edge of the Farm.

The airfield appears to have been an important one for the Germans.It started with canvas tent hangers and later had more permanent hangers for aircraft shelter.The landing area is reported as being prone to be less than firm and wooden planking was laid.

There is an account of Marimbois Ferme airfield under German hands in the No 8 edition (Spring 2004) of Propellerblatt,ie www.propellerblatt.de.It is entitled "At that Time and Today.Former combat air bases of the German flier troop". The edition has a picture of the present day Marimbois Ferme. Propellerblatt can be ordered online.


Frank East

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Hello Frank,

Thanks very much. That's most interesting. I had found Propellerblatt on line and will order a copy. Marimbois Farm is only a couple of kilometres from a now-disused French airfield and I'd always thought that there must have been a German airfield in the area.

Great stuff, thanks again.


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Hello Christina,

Do you still make some researches about the Marimbois Farm ? If you want, I've some documents and informations about this airfield and I'd be happy to share them. Moreover, you've maybe found things that could interest me too.

Best regards, Samuel.

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