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P. O. W.


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It should be on Red Cross card, but I cannot get it

However it seems to be between these two dates in 1915


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It’s not on the Red Cross card which states he was taken at Ypres. This was Second Ypres (the date of compilation on the ICRC/German Register is 31 July 1915) so we know he was a prisoner on that date.  The register shows he was taken at Ypres.

The 1/1 Monmouthshire were in action from the 3rd to the 8th May. The war diary shows 82 other ranks wounded and missing and 319 missing. As a consequence a composite battalion was formed on the 28 May just 318 other ranks remained.

Other men on the register page were from Regiments of 28th Division.

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Thank you both for your help. I’ve been looking at a painting of the Monmouth Regiment at Frezenberg Ridge 8th. May. 1915.   Made me wonder if Giddings was taken P. O. W. at that battle.    Lyn.

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