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Remembered Today:

Thomas McKERRACHER - He got around a bit, didn't he?


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Just for interest:


Image thanks to WFA/Fold3

  • Highland Light Infantry, 5458
  • Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), 43186
  • Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians), 15112
  • Labour Corps, 408761
  • Lancashire Fusiliers, 49961
  • Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, 43485
  • Royal Fusiliers, GS/108690 [An unspecified disability pension index card under this number - with a Z pension reference - so he survived the war]


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He was twice wounded with Leinsters, published Daily Cas List 30/4/17 and again 31/8/17. May fit with next move to Labour Corps?

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His service record survives. I hope I'm not exceeding limits by posting some pages here , courtesy Findmypast


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Possibly this individual in the 1891, 1901, and 1921 Scotland censuses, who's age on enlistment in the service record that charlie962 found is consistent with his age in the various censuses. His geographical location would certainly be consistent with an initial enlistment in the Highland Light Infantry. No sign of a corresponding birth registration, or appearances in the 1881 and 1911 censuses.

MCKERRACHER    THOMAS    1891    M    12    622/2 6/ 19    Shettleston    Lanark
MCKERRACHER    THOMAS    1901    M    20    647/ 34/ 19    Hamilton       Lanark
MCKERRACHER    THOMAS    1921    M    42    644/3 53/ 1    Calton           Lanark

The death of a 72-year old Thomas Kerracher was registered in Camlachie in 1951.

MCKERRACHER     THOMAS     72     M     1951    644 / 3 / 420     Camlachie

Edited to add, and a possible marriage registered in Camlachie in 1906.

MCKERRACHER     THOMAS     BREEN     AGNES     1906     644 / 2 / 52     Camlachie
MCKERRACHER     THOMAS     KEENAN  AGNES     1906     644 / 2 / 52     Camlachie

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6 minutes ago, Tawhiri said:

Possibly this individual in

Which would possibly give him another service number- a Militia Attestation 1901 number 3332, 3rd Scottish Rifles. Discharged misconduct 1903.

I wonder if he mentioned this when reattesting 1915 ? That front page is missing.

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Getting a little creative on the spelling of his surname produces this family living in Camlachie in the 1911 Scotland census, which seems to fit with his apparent marriage in the same district in 1906.

MCKERRACHE    AGNES        1911    F    38    644/2 4/ 14    Camlachie    Lanark
MCKERRACHE    THOMAS    1911    M    31   644/2 4/ 14    Camlachie    Lanark
MCKERRACHE    JOHN         1911    M    15   644/2 4/ 14    Camlachie    Lanark
MCKERRACHE    THOMAS    1911    M    12   644/2 4/ 14    Camlachie    Lanark
MCKERRACHE    LIZZIE         1911    F       7    644/2 4/ 14    Camlachie    Lanark
MCKERRACHE    SARAH        1911    F      0    644/2 4/ 14    Camlachie    Lanark

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:) Thanks for your input guys.  Just a MIC that caught my passing eye so I'm glad you are finding this little rabbit hole of interest.

In the future a relative may turn up and be delighted by your findings / or add to them [always in hope!] - Who knows?

Meantime enjoy! :thumbsup:


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