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My Great Grandfather George Knowler

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My Great Grandfather George Knowler served on a few ships from 1901 to 1917 and would like some help as to what he did , I know he served on the Berwick and the Pembroke II but I don't know much else about his naval career

I've got some information here but I can't read it properlygbm_adm188_484_0_0171.jpg.74c6c248bafd89bceb7a08035c513839.jpg

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He served from 1901 to 1913 as a stoker rating. His Home Port Division was Chatham so, when not serving at sea in the ships listed, he was based in the RN Barracks at Chatham – HMS PEMBROKE.

He served 12 years on a Continuous Service (CS) engagement, after which he was discharged to Shore. This limited engagement was unremarkable except for a couple of spells in cells and the loss of several days of service ‘time’ when he was undergoing a civil punishment (CP) – probably a few days gaol).

In June 1916 he volunteered for RN service and, until he was called forward in June 1917, he was placed on the ‘Y’ List of the RNVR (as Y.16801) and stayed in his civilian employment. His wartime at sea was in the new cruiser HMS CALYPSO  -  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Calypso_(D61)   His WW1 service was marred at the end of 1918 when he was awarded a punishment of 28 days detention (more lost ‘time’). He was discharged Shore on demobilisation soon afterwards.

The record shows none of the reasons for his punishments.

An internet search for “HMS ******” will give you details of his sea time but do come back with any questions.

PS Post-war, he claimed and was awarded Victory and British War medals.

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37 minutes ago, horatio2 said:

when he was undergoing a civil punishment (CP

I think those two spells are these:

Faversham News 24/9/10 courtesy Findmypast newspapers


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A good find. The time he forfeited for the two civil offences was:   11 Jan to 31 Jan 1906 inclusive (= 21 days) and 24 Sep to 5 October 1910 inclusive (= 12 days): These days probably equate to the actual time served in prison during which the RN was deprived of his service.

It is also worth noting that deprivation of Good Conduct Badge (on three occasions) and being placed in the 2nd Class for Conduct (twice) also pock-marked his naval career.

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The ship's log of HMS CALYPSO, covering his final two onths (November and December 1918) in that ship, can be found here   - 


It looks as though he was sent home from the Baltic to serve his term of naval detention in January 1919. CALYPSO did not return to Rosyth from the Baltic  until 8 January 1919

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