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Help required with a book reference please


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Would one of the good folks of the forum who has a copy of ‘Machine Gunner on the Somme’ by Capt. E. L. Bird be kind enough to supply an image of page 60?

I’m researching one 1578 Charles Rendle, DCM. He was in the 1/4th Gloucestershires and later transferred to the 144th Machine Gun Company, MGC, on 4th Jan 1917. I have medals to a chap of the 1/4th who was also transferred to the 144th MG Coy. on the same day and their service numbers are sequential, which leads me to believe they were transferred from their battalion to the MGC as part of the same machine gun team. They both will have served together from March 1915 up to mid-1917 when Rendle was wounded.

A National Archives result gives the aforementioned book as a reference. Unfortunately it doesn’t come up on Google Books and my bookshelf is already weakening so I don’t think I can justify putting it in further danger for the sake of one reference. 

Many thanks

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