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Hi guys 


i am just home from flanders fields visiting my great great uncle who is buried in sanctuary wood cemetery, got a private tour from a fella who lived in flanders and I can’t put into words of the whole tour, just seeing it in person was breathtaking 


I found a British shell fuse I took home with me and wondered if you guys would tell me about the markings on it 


I will attach some photos from the flanders fields aswel 


thanks Ross 







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I am not an expert on Great War shell fuzes but would not advocate picking them up, and bringing them home, to anyone. Brighter people than you and I have been killed having thought an explosive item picked up on a former battlefield was safe. Google 'John Pimlott' for an example.

Whilst there is a strong chance it is inert (from damage and there being no gaine on the bottom) there are few people who are qualified to certify they are safe. I would not advise taking the chance even if you are knowledgeable on munitions, especially so if you are not.

For what it's worth as a starter the markings likely show the fuze lot details including manufacture date (likely Sep 1917).

Might be better for the mods to transfer this to the arms and weapons area of the forum where more knowledge on munitions may be found.


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