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Capt / Maj von Berg DoD 1916


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I was wondering if you can find any details on who this man is?

What I have

Berg von    Capt / Hptm (Maj)    Deutsche Militär-Mission in der Türkei - CO 30th FAR 1914/15 Caucasus 3rd Army (Sivasta'da 30. Sahra Topçu Alayi Komutani (da 30th Field Artillery Area Commander in Sivas)    1914-16    (DoD 1916) Krankheit (illness) of Typhus at Bitlis Eastern Turkey - from Fußartillerie-Regiment No 26 (not identified)? shown in Klaus Wolf's Book

A check of German records failed to find him?

can you?

Turkish sourses give

von Berg (... - 1916). Prussian captain. During the peace period between 1914 and 1916, Turkish
Commander of the Field Artillery Regiment in Sivas with the rank of major, and lastly in the Caucasus during the war.
He served as the commander of the 30th Artillery Regiment at the Front with the rank of lieutenant colonel. While on this duty, 1916
He passed away in . [Deutsche Offiziere in Der Türkei, 
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not von Berg but Vonberg. Georg Vonberg. Formerly an Hauptmann (27.1.09) in Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 26. Part of the initial military mission under Liman. Born 3 March 1875 at Rothgörken (now in Poland), his date of death is given as 26 May 1916. Promoted to Major on 24 July 1915.



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Are at star mate, I can't tell you how many sourses all claim he is von Berg

the beers on me.


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