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Remembered Today:

Hellmuth Riensberg ObLtzS Marine killed 18-1-18


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I notice this officer is reported killed 18 Jan 1918

But I am unsure where as the Verlustlisten 1. Weltkrieg only reports his death

What I have

Riensberg Hellmuth     ObLtzS Marine    Pilot Airforce I. Seeflieger-Abteilung - Seeflugstation to OC SFS Varna (Bulgaria) 12-15 to II SFA 3-16 abgelöst durch (replaced by Kapt-Lt Kuntze ) to zur armee übergetreten (transfered to Army) 17-12-16    

(born 1890 at Spandau KIA 18-1-18) gefallen

awarded EK II & EK I and Bulgarian Order of Bravery 4th class Medal

formed SFS Varna 23-1-16 with 4x (Friedrichshafen FF 33e No's 507 529 530 534) 

Since he transfered into the Army in late 1916 was he killed with an Army unit or Air unit

Any ideas?


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Thanks Charlie,

Jasta 10 in Pfalz D.III 4059/17) shot down by Sopwith Camel from 54th Sqn  (B6403 flown by Reginald S.Maxwell


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Interestingly, his rank given in the 2nd link provided by Charlie to the Verlustliste from "Unsere Luftstreitkräfte 1914-18 is that of a Flieger (Airman or private soldier) and not Oberleutnant zur See. That is probably why he is not listed in the "Ehrenmal" of the fallen Prussian officers nor has he an entry in the Militär-Wochenblatt showing entry into the Prussian Army as a commissioned officer. 

He had retired from the navy on medical grounds in December 1916 and gained his Abitur and was studying law. He joined the Prussian Army, so it seems as a private soldier the following year and was deployed to the Western front in October 1917.

Here is a better version of his portrait.




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Thats interesting, I hadn‘t noticed it. His death certificate records him as Flieger ………ObLtn.z.S.a.D. Is it possible that Flieger refers in this case to him being a pilot and that he still retained his Commission is the navy?  He was wounded in the head and died at 10.30am.


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