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Letters of complaint to CWGC Commissioners


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Letters of complaint are being sent to Commissioners of the CWGC by researchers on this forum who identify servicemen currently in unknown soldiers' graves. These letters will notify the Commissioners of consistent poor communication from the CWGC and that the average duration of rededication cases has grown to over five and half years and will deteriorate further. It’s believed that this will then kick start improvements at CWGC. .

A draft of one letter is here which includes examples of the issues and names of researchers that experienced them. If other researchers on the forum have also encountered these and would like to contribute by adding their name, or to add new examples, please do let me know. 

Many thanks 


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Good evening All

Just thought I'd let you know that Simon and I sent a letter to a member of the gravy train at the C W G C. We sent it to Commissioner Dame Diana Johnson MP, we sent it recorded delivery to her office at the House of Commons. It was sent nearly 4 weeks ago and have not even received an acknowledgement about receiving it. So don't bother with her.

If anybody intends to send a letter try one of the ex military Commissioners they may be more sympathetic to our quest. We will try another route to get a response from the C W G C.

Good Luck, If at first you don't succeed, try,try again.

Kind Regards




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