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While rummaging through my stuff, I came across something like this.
I don't think it was used in WWI, but who knows?


Was this French gladius type short sword (model 1831 I think) used by Germans, Prussians, Bavarians or maybe Saxons or others?






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Looks like french fashinenmesser M1831,it could be used by germans Feld Artillerie.

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Several of these without dates or regimental markings, in the past have been advertised in the US as Confederate used?


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This could be other explanation, evidently there is no visible details of proof on blade, which make it hard determine its a french piece, as normally it should be inspector proofed, question what is on crossguard in doubble circle?, this could be a french proof, but should be compared with other real french proofs in size. The size and quality of unit stamp doesnt look like german, should be measured. In case the R is not striked out, and there is a damage only on that area, then the 4.R.A.12 would be not a german unit probably.

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