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ID Unusual WW1 German Bayonet


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For context, my grandma found this as a child in the 1940s in Normandy, and I was wondering if someone could help provide further information as to this bayonet, as i have found it to be extremely difficult to find any mention of it online.


Attached to this post are photos, though there are some things I would like to mention. Specifically, there is a stamp on the blade of 'BK', indicating it was produced by the 'Beka-Records' company based in Berlin. Initially, and after much searching, the closest that I can find to this bayonet is the following: https://stewartsmilitaryantiques.com/german-wwi-m1914-bayonet-bk-maker.34314.archive.htm though this, of course, lacks the saw-tooth back of my own. https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/226302-german-model-m1914-bayonet/ This post from the forums from 2015 does seem to have almost the same bayonet, though one again lacking the serrated back of the knife. I was wondering if anyone could let me know what bayonet this is, and perhaps how many might have been produced (and when!). Please forgive the condition of the bayonet, it was in this state when I received it, though if you have tips on preservation please let me know.


Finally, I include a picture of what look like 6 lines on the centre of the bayonet blade (can be seen in the picture with the file number ending in 26). This struck me as odd, and i saw them immediately and was quite puzzled. These do not look like 'typical' examples of denoting individuals killed, as they are quite small, yet they do seem very deliberate as they are all in the same place with some slight variations in dimension and orientation, enough for it to seem a deliberate, human job undertaken during the course of its use. What do you all think that this might be? I dont seem to be able to find further information about it, and how it ended up in a norman farmhouse attic is quite unusual, perhaps a war trophy from a former soldier? 


Any and all information would be phenomenally helpful, and would help me tie this loose end that has bothered my grandma for her entire life. Thanks in advance, and I can send further pictures if desired!


20230910_221937 - Copy.jpg

20230910_222026 - Copy.jpg

20230910_222105 - Copy.jpg

20230910_221911 - Copy.jpg

20230910_222037 - Copy.jpg

20230910_222125 - Copy.jpg

20230910_221853 - Copy.jpg

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It looks like a S14 sawback bayonet, on spine is a G proof, the bayonet is wrongly added into scabbard, the mouth screw should be on side of sawbacked spine.Should be cleaned from the dirt and old vaseline, with alcohol and then applying a gunoil to metall parts. When found in 1940, so it was there from WW1 lying anywhere.

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WW1 in Normandy, I always assume WW2 in that area. I’ll be curious to see what comes up.


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Quite. Normandy well outside WW1 operational zones. Cld be a bring-back from WW1? 

IIRC, Beka sawbacks are not that common? Must check!


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