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Zeebrugge marine from East Malling


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Afternoon all.

I m researching CH.2480/S (previously PLY.2179/S) Pte Walter Edward SCOTT R.M.L.I  and am not having much luck with local papers. I'd have thought a brave local hero killed in action would have merited a few lines at least  no,? And perhaps a photo? Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place.

Any clues anybody?



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45 minutes ago, domwalsh said:

and am not having much luck with local papers. I'd have thought a brave local hero killed in action would have merited a few lines at least  no,?

Local newspapers were almost totally dependant on family & friends for notifications and photos, and of course they were likely to do that with the newspapers they were reading themselves. There are also the occasional self-styled "local correspondents", freelancers who hoovered up local gossip to provide a local news entry. If you follow the stories for a particular village you soon can get a feel for the unknown wannabe hack from their preferred choice of hackneyed phrases..

I use a yardstick of being lucky to get pictures for more than 20% of the names on any one particular memorial - if anything I often find I get more pictures for men from the village I'm researching who survived. In terms of newspaper mentions 50% for me is a good average - and that includes pre-death mentions. But in both scenarios I may be looking in the wrong newspapers as I know from the Norfolk papers I can come across prictures of grandsons, son-in-laws, brother in laws, nephews and attenders at boarding schools and industrial schools \ naval training academies who as far as the civil records are concerned had no connection with Norfolk. Some of the men on Norfolk memorials may well be mentioned in newspapers elsewhere for the same reason.

Have you confirmed all the potential titles that might have covered the area? In Norfolk at least 7 of the main titles either have nothing online currently for either the whole of the Great War era, or stop part-way through on the likes of the British Newspaper Archive. I have to rely on notes from my visits in the past to the County Archive in order to fill in the gaps.


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On 03/09/2023 at 12:12, domwalsh said:

Pte Walter Edward SCOTT R.M.L.I 

Sorry, I can't help with newspapers or photo but found this pension index card and thought worth posting, if only because it is a bit unusual in the extra detail it offers.


Image thanks to WFA/Fold3

Mother's name and address as CWGC https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/casualty-details/369591/walter-edward-scott

Different in that it offers Pre-war Dependance, Separation Allowance, Allotment and Consession info. 

We can also see the Separation Allowance payments continued to Last date payments 17/10/18 - for the quite typical period of 6 months before the pension kicked-in 24.10.18


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Thanks very much for the pension document.  Very interesting indeed.


Much appreciated 


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