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Army Cyclist Corps

Hugh Pattenden

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I heard of the Army Cyclist Corps a while ago, but don't really know much about it.

What were its roles at the front?

How many casualties did it take?

How prestigious a unit was it?

Many thanks,


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Hello Hugh,

Please find a synopis of the Army Cyclist Corps' lineage:

Formed 7 Nov. 1914 to comprise Division Cyclist Coys and dedicated to training of overseas companies. Most Division Cyclist Coys were removed from their division from April 1916 and grouped into Corps Cyclist Bns. The ACC depot at Chiseldon was dissolved in Sep. 1917 and The Cyclist Division took the task of providing drafts for ACC. The Army Cyclist Corps disbanded in 1920.

As for the roles of the cyclist units, initially they were roled as sort of reconnaissance and mobile infantry units. But given the trench warfare they were removed as stated above into corps cyclist battalions. I suppose they were used as line of communications units. For your other questions, I am afraid I cannot help much. Given the short life of the corps, and being not so visible, I doubt the corps was as prestigious as some others.

Hope this is of some use.



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