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Repairs at sea (high seas fleet)


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I have a couple of questions about repairs at sea

when a ship has been hit and water is rushing in, did the repairs  come down to: “oh no! Close the section off!”, and just ignore the problem? Or did the crews try to patch holes with for example wood? 
if they did try to patch the holes, then were there any special squads for repairs at sea during combat? And if there were, then what was that squad called in German navy?

I would be grateful if somebody could provide me with an answer 


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I can only speak from my husband's 1980s Royal Naval Reserve training which taught that everyone must know water containment and fire extinguishing procedures because the best person to assist in such an event is the nearest person. 

Waiting for, or sending for, anyone else is a waste of time (and in a battle situation the necessary people may already be casualties anyway). The priority is to prevent immediate disaster where possible.

Whether this was formulated in the Kriegsmarine regulations I'm afraid I cannot say. Perhaps the Deutsches Marinemuseum Wilhelmshaven library or research staff can advise.

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There are photos around of the German HS Fleet returning from Jutland with repairs to their ships.

Most show wood frames and something else to patch holes in there sides

as to who did the repairs, it would like all ships crews, there would be work parties for such repair work, as for fire fighting

But a sailor should answer here


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