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MARCHANT Frederick George William, Royal Navy, Service No M27833


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I am looking to find where to look for a copy of his PICT card, there is reference to it on his service record, see copy attached, that shows he was issued a card, number 55481.

Thank you

MARCHANT Frederick G W - Royal Navy Service 1917 to 1919.jpg

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The PIC (Protection and Identity Certificate) was (most commonly) Army Form Z.11, It was not a "card" but rather a flimsy paper document. An example can be seen on this link  -  https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/demobilisation-papers  (Scroll down to view). A few duplicate examples surive with a man's records but the PICs, issued to a man on demob, were not built to last and most have been lost/destroyed.

Edit:  A similar Admiralty Form S.1306 was also used  -  example here  -  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304909279740?hash=item46fe0261fc:g:6vIAAOSwzYtkR8pm&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4J9YBaZpyeFizy45H%2ByhMfPBHM%2FK5jxYz5rWBff2LgIlKJ4FAZgHXJPr8EvWtXGZNUzFEXCgBq9BJ9T1RfM72Ch3a%2FbCftf1sst5tZe%2FrAKDh%2FCqo3MegWnhd2NfBLkaVQVhdkhcp%2FhFVBU4u5g7o2T%2BYUKO2BmsPoYTdOhsMYJmSRsGL0zQmTAj2OlE%2FusGCumiduYBFmA0pRWmAjR89dFdJNgoZrwrhZ2e71csl2klmO6ev2P6nUpG6kYKi3wvhxHWtwm76OfVXBrR78i5Q8naZqKA%2F%2BQ0%2BudL1fcRCAir|tkp%3ABk9SR_TKu96rYg

The Army Form was more commonly used by ratings and marines being demobbed from the Royal Naval Division.

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N.B.  As his ADM 188 record shows, he did not serve using a third forename "William". His British War Medal was also issued as "Fredk. G. MARCHANT".

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