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I believe it's been mentioned elsewhere on the forum. UK premiere is on 13th April and 1st UK public showing on 23rd April at IWM.

It follows four soldiers through the campaign, one Aussie, one NZ, one turk and one Brit (an RND man).

Much filming tookplace in September last year on the peninsula and involved people like Nigel Steel and Peter Hart from the IWM; Len Sellers of RND fame and others.

Beach defenses were recreated and part of the team spent the best part of a day clearing every single piece of rubbish from W beach which looked immaculatly clean.

At one point a helicopter was used to shoot aerial footage of the landing beaches - though some of this may not have been used as one young lady (not a member of this forum) was changing after a swim off W beach at the time ..............

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Had a look at the trailer... will look out for it

The film company is based in Turkey, looks good, just hope it is accurate....


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