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Remembered Today:

French colonial bayonet


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I think this is a model year 1902 colonial. Sorry, no have full photo, will ask Paul ( it is his), Anyone familiar with this piece, ? Made for just 1-2 years or more? Any idea how many were made. How scarce or even rare you think it is now. Thank you



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Its renumbered as the origin serial was overstamped, the M1890 Gendarmery bayonet its not. The M1902 from literature of Huon speaks the bayonet should be identical to M1890 gendarmery carbine. Question remains its probably a M1907 Berthier for Colonies, Fusil de tirailleur senegalais Modele 1907, he wrote about 20000 pcs made in period prior 1914. The left side handle should not have the chanel for cleaning rod.


Here is excellent explanation about differences of both models, so is confirmed the piece should be M1907 Berthier.


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Posted (edited)

You are correct Andy, my friend Paul found it, a 1907 model, one of the rarest of these types  

the book translation is using google/ translate
















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Certainly a interesting bayonet, Huon speaks about 20000 made rifles, so bayonets should be probably little more?. Anyway the old serial number is not visible but there is prefix A which speaks for first range. And it corespond with Chatellerault production.

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Thanks Andy

I do not have list’s of production dates, serial ranges, good to know.

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Interesting that the Mle 1907 bayonet in this thread, and the two I have (mentioned in an earlier thread here), have all been reserialized.

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Hey RangeRover

I did not see, or realize the re-Serial, original was smaller, lighter stamp, the new stamp is much larger and deeper struck. Could be reissue in colony during the war. Your two are larger stamps as well?

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Here are my two. 

This one is the one I just acquired that carries the same serial number as my Colonial Berthie rifle. Re-serialization includes a restamp of the 'A" prefix.



And this is the (now spare) second one. It has a hint of the original "A" prefix visible. 

Different fonts on both, with the font on my second bayonet seeming to be pretty close in style to the one posted earlier in this thread.


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struggling with photos.
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Yes, it looks on your bayonets, the original serial looks smaller like my friends. All three are same. Thanks RangeRover for your photo’s

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I believe the A12720 looks like old type serial, even possible under is older serial this looks like corectly stamped with prefix A. The second one looks larger digits 15328 and the A was not stamped for new, as it looks like from previous stamp remains. It could be done by refurbishing or by depot reserialing.

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Thanks Steve and Range Rover for publishing those - I hadn't seen this type before!


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