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Prussian Leutnant M1910 Air Service Tunic help please..............


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Would any of the Forum members care to comment on the 'Prussian Leutnant's M1910 Air Service' tunic shown in the attached photos?.....

My first glance concerns are 1. while not unknown, it is unusual for an officer's tunic to be made of EMN/CO 'issue' type wool tuck fabric, 2. unusual for officer's tunics to have sewn-in EM/NCO type rear belt supports, 3. unusual to have matt silver engineer's Kragenspiegel on an M1910 officer's Air Service tunic rather than the expected red piped, back velvet backed silver litzen of transportation troops, 4. unusual to have what appear to be bronze rather than silver buttons, and 5. unusual to find such a crisp lining with so much tuch exposed at the rear of the skirt..........

While I suppose anything is possible with bespoke uniforms, I'm still uncomfortable with this being an original Prussian Leutnant's M1910 Air Service tunic............but I could certainly be wrong............possible explanation: Enlisted/NCO Sapper who rebuilt his tunic when he was promoted to Leutnant, and then changed his Schulterstucke when he was later seconded to the Air Service, having to replace buttons along the way due to having been shot off in aerial combat :hypocrite:....................

Any comments would be most welcome.

Cheers, Bill








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You have to remember that a lot of soldiers transferred from other units to the airforce and kept their original uniform. But I agree that some things are suspicious, especially the two rear support buttons and the almost perfect inside liner.

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Yes, I also just noticed, looking at the close-up collar photo, that the black piping doesn't appear to be velvet.....another element which suggests enlisted/NCO..............Cheers, Bill

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