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Fuze Stockes


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In the last exit in the English area, in addition to the beautiful Italian Albertina probably lost during the violent fighting of June 1916 during the strafexpedition, we found our first presence of stokes mortar.

The piece was already in excellent condition, a couple of hours in electrolysis with the complete removal of the rust present and a brush of Owatrol gives us a piece in really excellent condition and marked.

I leave the brands to you dear passionate friends for the usual interpretations




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A decent find. The markings indicate 3 inch trench mortar (3"); made by Tweedales & Smalley of Globe Works, Rochdale; Mark III Stokes pistol.




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Thank you very much for your detailed answer, stokes pieces are now quite rare here... Last year we found what so far is and remains the only lewis machine gun magazine

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